This is the second in a series of three blogs, all focusing on what it's like to make a leap.  Specifically to make a leap from organisational life to start-up life.  The blogs will be a consolidation of what I'm learning and I share them here in part so that I don't loose them, in part so that they might be an insight source for you & finally by way of a thank you to those who have & those who continue to share their experiences with me.

The first blog focused on preparing to leap (scroll down if you’d like a reminder).  This second blog focuses on insights and suggestions for you if you’ve now leapt – maybe you’ve just resigned or maybe today is the first day for you in your new venture (if it is – Congratulations!  Pay particular attention to point one below)

1. So you've leapt!  It's a big deal.  Take a moment.  Enjoy it.  Celebrate it.  

2. Did someone say it was a big deal?  It is.  But don't be overwhelmed by it.  There will be tough days and you may have doubts.  It's all part of it and it's ok.

3. Create some headspace for yourself.  There are four parts to this one so far: 

  • headspace to find your own voice
  • headspace for understanding all of the stuff you're great at, all of the stuff you've learnt and how you will apply this to what you're going to achieve now
  • headspace for understanding what you'll need to learn and do differently
  • this period of time can be pretty intense.  For me, learning the art of meditation and mindfulness with the very fabulous crew at Headspace has been really positive  

4. Stay connected to the people you're 'leaving behind'.  Trust me - there will be some folk you're really going to miss

5. Get connected to those who are or who have been in a similar situation & learn from them

6. Be open to new collaborations - they will stimulate your creativity and together you will achieve more

7. Believe in yourself.  That's what got your here so keep doing it

8. At the same time, surround yourself with people who believe in you and who will support and challenge you to to be the best you can be

9. Spend time getting under the skin of your values.  What makes you tick and why.  And then make your values central to everything you do.  It will feel great! 

10. Learn quickly.  You're going to make mistakes.  Plenty of them.  But that's all part of it too

11. Develop new and positive habits and 'routines' (and have some fun with them) 

12. A special one which comes a new friend, Catherine Wilks.  Find a point in the day to crank up your music.  And.  Dance.