I've been doing some reading on creative processes.  For a long time, I've held a belief that any type of creative process is about realising the potential that a person or group of people intrinsically have. 

Some people can come together with enough belief, energy and permission that the hurdles that need to be jumped to create something new are bounded over  In fact, the more hurdles that exist, the more energy this can bring - with each new bound the group grows stronger in its belief that anything is possible.  There's little need for discussion on why and how, in these situations people just 'do'.  It's less of a process and more of a movement. 

If there is a holy grail of creative processes then this for me is it. 

And then there's another type of creative process.  The type where people need to be given permission to do things differently.  The type where people have become so disciplined in getting to an answer in one way that trying out something new brings on an allergic reaction.  The type where the belief to create the sort of change I talked about earlier has to be nurtured.  This type of creative process is no less rewarding or inspiring.  It just takes longer to get there.

The point for me is that it's not an either / or.  Sure we'll all have our own preferences for how to work but it's more about what works best for that challenge, with those people, with whatever context they've got at that point in time. 

The more interesting challenge is how you get people to believe that they can make a positive difference.  Because once you've got the belief all of the other stuff becomes a lot easier.

Some of the stuff I've been reading or watching:  

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If we did all of the things we were capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves - Thomas Edison